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Because of the simple secure Web Service API design, integration of the VSS into an enterprise telephony or web platform is typically performed in a matter of hours with little or no capital expense. While some competitors offer custom applications, and some even provide these solutions on a “hosted” basis, the Voice Signature Service is unique in providing a uniform interaction regardless of the business process or application being supported.

At its core, every VSS interaction is implemented through a secure Web Service API using either VoiceXML subdialogs or XML. The VoiceXML subdialog interface consists of two subdialogs: the create_vss_session subdialog initiates a valid session and the complete_vss_session subdialog handles the logic of a session by presenting the prompts, retrieving the utterances and returning the Normalized Detector Scale® confidence score to the application to enable using the VSS for decision support.

Since the core VSS interactions remain uniform, applications supporting various business processes can be quickly and easily implemented by focusing on:

  • the point in the business process when the VSS is invoked;
  • the “Signature Statement” associated with a particular type of authentication session, or a document signature; and,
  • the real-time business rules associated with the particular business process that use the Normalized Detector Scale® confidence score to dynamically tune the desired balance of security versus user convenience for that specific interaction or transaction (e.g., based upon value of the transaction, the unique risk factors, or other relevant factors).
  • What is VoiceSig ExpressSM?

    TradeHarbor developed the VoiceSig Express (VSE) API to provide the core VSS service functionality along with a hosted telephony platform as a simple, easy to implement approach for companies and developers that want to implement strong voice authentication or legally-binding Voice Signatures without having to integrate the Voice Signature Service into a telephony platform(s).

    Companies/developers can use the VSE API to have the VSE Service place outbound or receive inbound telephone calls to complete a VSS interaction via a simple server-side script. VSE enables companies/developers to quickly and easily implement Voice Signature Service-based solutions on the Web, or mobile devices.

    Visit the following link to experience a VSE-enabled interaction: and then Contact TradeHarbor or one of our authorized resellers to discuss how you can get the maximum value from the configurable, high-impact VSE solution.


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