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January 2013

ITEN Top 10 of 2012

TradeHarbor - ITEN Top 10 Tech Startups of 2012

According to ITEN ...

"ITEN Announces the Top Tech Startups of 2012

The ITEN Top Ten are our region's (St. Louis) top tech startups and many of them are already making a significant difference in our community, by hiring, building strong customer revenue and attracting investment from local and national investors.

ITEN has just completed a major data project that includes gathering information from the tech startups in the St. Louis region.   Most of the ventures have cooperated and shared their proprietary data, which has enabled us to carry out a wide-ranging analysis of the tech startup activity in our region.  We are actively engaged in preparing a comprehensive report to the community of this information, which we intend to release in mid-February. 

Using comparisons of data that include employees, investor funding, customer revenue, 2012 acceleration factors and other relevant information, we have today released an early view of the top startups in St. Louis in 2012:  The ITEN Fast Ten and the ITEN Top Ten."

About ITEN

The IT Entrepreneur Network (ITEN), an initiative of Innovate St. Louis, a 501( c )3 not for profit corporation, was founded in April of 2008. As the catalyst of the regional IT ecosystem, ITEN provides unique programs, events, and access to resources that accelerate tech venture success.

The IT Entrepreneur Network's mission is to seek out innovative ventures that are information technology based, have an IT product or service, or use IT as their primary means of delivering their product or service.

Currently, ITEN serves over 220 start-up ventures and involves over 100 volunteer mentors. ITEN's programs form a venture roadmap from concept through design, prototype, launch, revenue, funding and rapid scaling. Guidance from serial entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and important community influencers helps entrepreneurs focus on essential critical tasks and avoid wasted efforts. Access to investors, key service providers and qualified talent means lower barriers to rapid growth. Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, requiring neither payment nor equity, ITEN is a unique community asset and a proven route to venture success.

Click Here to watch the video of the announcement

Click Here to read the ITEN January Newsletter


July 2012

Strikeforce Technology

StrikeForce & TradeHarbor Announce Industry’s First “Three-Factor” Voice Verification Solution

Provides New Level of Cyber Security Assurance for Online Transactions.

Edison, New Jersey (July 17th, 2012) StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR.OB), creators of out-of-band authentication and anti-keylogging keystroke encryption, today announced that a strategic partnership with TradeHarbor has resulted in the industry’s first “three-factor” voice verification solution. The new multi-factor solution meets the highest level of regulatory compliance by combining all three critical factors: who you are, what you have & what you know, over a mobile device.

read the full release (Adobe PDF)


June 2012

9 am Session eSignature Session

The Voice Signature Service was featured during 2 sessions at the Interactive Intelligence Customer and Partner Conference "Interactions 2012"

Click Here to watch video of the Voice Signature Service Demo and download the slides from the e-Signatures and Voice Signatures session

Vertical Track: Insurance Communications Management: 5 Things You Might Not Know We Can Do Jennifer Wilson, Solutions Marketing Manager, Interactive Intelligence & Jason Loucks IPA Template Developer, Interactive Intelligence

Business Applications Track: How e-Signatures and Voice Signatures Can Revolutionize Your Business Paul S. Heirendt, President & CEO TradeHarbor, Inc. & Jason Loucks IPA Template Developer, Interactive Intelligence


June 2011

CableShow 2011

Click Here to watch video of "The Park" TV Everywhere segment on Wednesday, June 15: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm,

Hosted by Will Richmond, Editor/Publisher, VideoNuze

Paul Heirendt, TradeHarbor President & CEO, demonstrates "A New Approach to Strong Multi-factor Authentication for TV Everywhere" - showing how Voice Signature authentication enables trusted interactions for TV Everywhere and an exceptional customer experience interacting with service providers.

Brad Hunt, the former CTO of the MPAA, and now president of the media technology consulting firm Digital Media Directions said...

"TradeHarbor's voice authentication web service is a highly-flexible and easily-implemented authentication solution that can provide cable operators and programmers with enhanced security and operational efficiencies. With the growth of network-connected tablets and smart phones for accessing high-value program streams, the use of voice authentication can address revenue losses from subscriber login sharing, provide families with enhanced parental control, and create a faster and more convenient user login experience using these mobile devices."


Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 06:25 PM MDT
@Cable Show: HBO GO Has 2.6 Million+ Downloads, Watch ESPN Has 2 Million+ Downloads

"Also featured as part of the session were Synacor CEO Ron Frankel and TradeHarbor CEO Paul Heirendt. Ron demonstrated Synacor's new TV Everywhere authentication interface with Suddenlink and Paul showcased his company's voice recognition authentication and personalization technology."


May 8, 2011


Cable & Satelite International

Read the article by TradeHarbor's President & CEO in the May/June Issue of Cable & Satellite International entitled:

The X-factor Paul Heirendt discusses identity and multi-factor authentication in a cloud-based world.

"Many of the identity and authentication schemes that are employed today to add security to applications and services are actually exposing our private information.

The basic idea that a secret is something that is exposed to as few people as possible is violated every day.  The idea that “shared secrets” is a viable method to strongly authenticate someone’s identity seems to be considered as the best practice method for multi-factor authentication.  When in reality a “shared secret” is an oxymoron – once you share something it is no longer a secret, and if it is a fact from a publicly available database it was not a secret to begin with.

If I call my wireless provider and the CSR asks my mother’s maiden name, I have exposed that “secret”, when I use my phone banking application and they ask my mother’s maiden name, I begin to realize that there are a lot of people who could successfully answer that question and supposedly be “authenticated”.  Anyone in my family (which is very large – more than 50 people) and a lot of people who simply know my family, would succeed in that challenge.  My mother grew up in a small town but that is at least another 200-300 people. This illustrates the problem with any knowledge factor – If I can’t remember it, I will fail – if someone else knows it, they will succeed. "


October 4, 2010


Free Integration Support and Free Use of Voice Signature Service SM Offered to Prove ROI for Customer Service, Mobile Content Delivery Applications

ST. LOUIS, MO., Oct. 4, 2010--TradeHarbor® (, the leading provider of Voice Authentication as a Web Service through its Voice Signature ServiceSM (VSS), has announced a "Quick Start" program for cable MSOs and entertainment content providers that includes free integration support and free use of the Voice Signature ServiceSM . For cable, the VSS has specific applications in both Customer Service and TV Everywhere deployments. read more...

Press Coverage of the Release: - Communications Technology -
TradeHarbor Makes a Splash With Voice Authentication Technology
Some companies (and some people) have a knack for being in the right place at the right time...

Light Reading Cable - Service Provider IT - Open Up & Say: 'TV Everywhere' ...
If TradeHarbor Inc. ends up making its mark in cable, customers may find themselves literally screaming for TV Everywhere services or video services. ...

CED - Communications, Engineering & Design Magazine
TradeHarbor asserts it can do it and has a new offer to let operators prove it in ... TradeHarbor's Voice Signature Service (VSS) is already being used by ...

Braodband Gear Report TradeHarbor ( announced a "Quick Start" program for cable operators that includes free integration support and free use of the company's Voice Signature Service. For cable, the VSS has applications in both customer service and TV Everywhere deployments.

Multichannel News (subscription only) published an OPED (editorial) piece by Paul S. Heirendt, President/CEO, TradeHarbor: Identity and Multi-Factor Authentication in a Cloud Based World.

April 8, 2010

TradeHarbor is one of six companies receiving recognition from ITEN in their Annual Report Card

The IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN,, a St. Louis-based organization that supports startup technology companies, today said that it has enrolled more than 100 emerging companies as members and is making progress in building a stronger community for the region’s technology entrepreneurs.

In assessing ITEN’s progress to date, Brasunas identified ITEN member companies that have achieved recognition and results. read more...

April 2, 2010

Live Webcast: Meeting New Demands for User Authentication

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 — 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT

Web-based search, commerce, and entertainment — coupled with the human urge to “go mobile”– is making our activity more virtual. In this always-on world, unwanted access to personal data stores is leaving transaction streams vulnerable to fraud. Join Opus Research and TradeHarbor for a discussion of how the two pillars of “something you know” (a PIN or Password) and “something you have” (a physical token, PC, or cellphone) can be easily augmented with unique aspects of “something you are,” in this case your Voice Signature. Sign up or read more...

March 25, 2010

TradeHarbor® President to present "Web Service for Enterprise Voice Authentication" at Mobile Voice Conference 2010 read more...

March 25, 2010

TradeHarbor® participates in Speech Technology Magazine Roundtable Event: "How Verifying Your Customer's Identity Can Save You Money" read more...

March 23 , 2010

USAN and TradeHarbor® Announce Channel Partnership TradeHarbor's Voice Signature ServiceSM available with USAN's Call Center Cloud Solution. read more...

May 06 , 2009

Convergys Announces Platform-independent On-Demand Voice Authentication Solution Based On TradeHarbor®'s Voice Signature ServiceSM.. read more..

April 23 , 2009

Voxeo makes TradeHarbor®'s Voice Signature ServiceSM available on Voxeo’s Prophecy premise product or on Voxeo’s Prophecy Hosting cloud.. read more..

November , 2008

TradeHarbor®'s Voice Signature ServiceSM featured in a "What’s New" article in the November issue of The Concrete Producer. (click here to see the demo)


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